"Bonitas mesmo somos quando ninguém está nos vendo, atirada no sofá, com uma calça de ficar em casa, uma blusa faltando um botão, as pernas enroscadas uma na outra, o cabelo caindo de qualquer jeito pelo ombro, nenhuma preocupação se o batom resistiu ou não à longa passagem do dia. Um livro nas mãos, o olhar perdido dentro de tantas palavras, um ar de descoberta no rosto, linda."
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rest in peace, lovely linda ♥

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"It’s beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind. Someone that wants to undress your conscience and make love to your thoughts. Someone that wants to watch you slowly take down all the walls you’ve built up around your mind and let them inside."
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Formerly Blacklers Store (where George was an electrician’s apprentice) - what is now Whetherspoon’s, Great Charlotte Street, Liverpool.

Snapped by thateventuality; more from my journey here :)

"I had a short go at being an electrician’s apprentice, but I kept blowing things up so I got dumped." - George Harrison, at a ’60s press conference

"[G]iven the job of maintaining the lights in Blackler’s Christmas grotto, he’d fused them, casting a Scouse Santa and a queue of excited kiddies into darkness. It was something for George and Arthur Kelly to laugh about during Blackler’s Christmas dance at the Grafton Ballroom." - From The Beatles: All These Years - Tune In by Mark Lewisohn

"[The Cavern’s electrical troubles meant that, frequently, the fuses would blow] As often as not, George would go round the back to fix the fault while John and Paul entertained the audience." - From The Beatles: All These Years - Tune In by Mark Lewisohn

"I enjoyed it [the apprenticeship]. It was better than school. And with winter coming on, it was nice to be in a big warm shop. We used to play darts most of the time." - George Harrison, The Beatles by Hunter Davies

"The boy who snagged the window-dressing job before George could get there, Peter Cottenden, became his best pal at Blackler’s. He was just a year older than George and their friendship was rooted in a quickly discovered mutual love of Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly. ‘George was a nice lad, really a very nice lad, and we got on well. He had to wear a grey boiler-suit all day and every day. I remember one job he did: he had a bucket of water, a rag, a paintbrush and a stepladder, and he had to clean out the fluorescent lights. It wasn’t exactly electrical, but it was where an apprentice began.’
Almost the first thing George did after joining Blackler’s was nip around the corner to Hessy’s on Whitechapel to buy another guitar. It was payday, 20 November [1959], and he picked out a solid-body electric [the Futurama].” - From The Beatles: All These Years - Tune In by Mark Lewisohn

"So I got a job cleaning all the lights with a paintbrush, all those tubes to keep clean, and at Christmas I kept the grotto clean and occasionally we broke the lifts so we could have a skive in the liftshaft and then also there was darts. I learned to play darts and I learned how to drink fourteen pints of beer and three rum and blackcurrants and eat two hamburgers (Wimpys) all in one session. All this I learned and at night we were doing gigs and we got the gig to go to Scotland. I went and told the boss at Blacklers ‘I’m leaving, I’m sorry.’ This was great, really nice to say. Still only seventeen and I resign! They really got their money’s worth out of me; they sent me off to Bootle to lay one of those big ten-phase cables in a warehouse which they owned. Thirty bob a week I got." - George Harrison, I Me Mine

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How to color eggs with onion shells.



This must be the most beautiful DIY tutorial I have ever seen. And it so happens to be in style of this weekend. Found on Ulicam, a very nice blog by Ulrika Kestere, photographer and illustrator. For the whole tutorial and lot’s of inspiration, click here.

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Saruman’s book.

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A Study in Pink vs The Celluloid Closet

a documentary on how motion pictures, especially Hollywood films, had portrayed gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters
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